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About Us

Thanks for your interest in our site. We are very excited at the possibilities to come from It has been a challenge neither of us had expected, but to get this far, it has been a challenge worth taking. Our goal here is to provide the truest traveler with great fresh content every day. We want this to be a stop where travelers can go and see what’s new in the world they live in.

-Josh Mione and Jordan Needham III

What we don’t do and don’t want to do:

Offer destination specific advice. We feel Lonely Planet, Let’s Go and numerous other companies cover this better than we ever could. We want to provide you with the new trends in travel. We post external content as well as original content.  External content includes products, places, unique things we think a traveler would be interested in.  Original content is what we develop ourselves and includes articles, tips, techniques, tutorials, artwork and a lot more.

Who is this site for:

For people who know the difference between a tourist and a traveler. For backpackers who have spent nights in train stations, park benches, buses, trains, and everywhere else. For those who want to stay out of cubicles. For those who actually care about their impact in the world. For anyone who stayed up talking all night to that couple from Norway mixing rum and coke. For budget travelers who have flushed a toilet in at least 8 different ways.

We are half backpackers half Internet marketing guys. We both feel travelers understand this planet’s culture as well as any and better than most. We respect this. And since we can’t be on the road 100% of the time for various reasons, we at least want to think about it.

For those with us since the beginning:

The “old” site was not going the direction we had initially planned. While I loved the layout/design (and still do) it was too confusing. Internet users today do not want to think when they are online….they want to glance at pics and see what the site is about. So in an effort to maximize users, I needed to do two things. 1. Make the site simpler…(mentioned above) and I did this by adding pictures and making the layout into more of a blog format. And, 2. UPDATE UPDATE FRICKIN’ UPDATE. This layout will allow myself and future authors the chance to make an update without it taking up to 3 hours of lifetime. It is much faster now, and therefore will get done more often.


How often do you post articles?
We try to update 3-5 times/week.  And once a week we like to generate original content.

Do you have any positions open for authors?
Currently we do not, however we may in the near future. Send us an email (NOT A RESUME) about a few of your travel experiences and we will keep you in mind. HINT: As we dislike resume’s, we also dislike sloppy writing on our site.

Example. OMG! like i totally got wasted in barelcona. and this one time i misd my flight! :>) lol

I’ve got a good idea about something you should write about, where can I send it?
Thanks!  We are always on the lookout for new travel trends. You can suggest a link, product, place, experience, song, gadget, or anything at all by emailing us at [email protected].

Would you be interested in a link exchange?
Sure.  We understand what it takes to gain ranking on search engines.

If you have a travel related site that is PR3+ we can link to your site from the home page sidebar, in exchange for a link from your homepage.
If you have a travel related site that is not PR3+ or a site that is not travel related we might be able to link to you from the “Links” page.

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