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The BordBar

March 10th, 2008 by Jordan

Bord Bar

If you have a spare $1800 laying around, then you might want to pick up one of these. is reusing/reselling old beverage carts that have traveled up and down aircraft aisles for years. They have dents and scratches, but the designs are new. You can even design your own. I like any idea that involves design and recycling, but I don’t like the price. Seriously, who has that kind of money. Travellers and Backpackers don’t…I know that.

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Cheap Backpacker Travel Tip - Rum and Coke

January 1st, 2008 by Jordan

rum and coke cheap backpacker travel tip

Rum and Coke my friend….Rum and Coke. Otherwise known as a cuba libre (more lime juice is usually involved though). Travel to any bar and order one it will cost you at least twice as much as what you can make one yourself.

Gathering the ingredients is easy. There is hardly a country on this planet that doesn’t have readily available Coca-Cola, and rum is generally not too far behind. The hardest part is usually finding a glass in the hostel. To save yourself money, buy a small bottle of rum from a grocery store or corner market when you first arrive. Packing rum on a plane is not a good idea and it will usually be confiscated. A small bottle won’t cost you all that much if you buy local product. From there, any time you want a good drink, just go find a cold coke. If your hostel has a refrigerator that makes it even cheaper, as usually you will end up paying a little more for a cold can or bottle than buying off a shelf of room temp. I usually put about a small shot in a glass and just fill the rest with coke. If you desperately desire lime, pick one up from a local vendor as it won’t be all that much. Some of my favorite nights are just hostel bumming with fellow travelers sharing cheap drinks.

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Fly Right Jet Lag Cure

December 15th, 2007 by Jordan

Fly Right Jet Lag Cure

Supposedly, this 100% organic formula helps jet travel. Each organic liquid herb has a purpose to prevent a specific symptom of air travel. Fatigue, stress and anxiety, lack of mental clarity, poor circulation etc. each has an ingredient added to combat the feeling. I wouldn’t mind trying a bottle myself before it gets to be the pop hollywood thing to do. You can check it out and purchase through their site at

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Flavor Packets

October 5th, 2007 by Jordan

I thought I would continue the water bottle article with a slight offshoot just briefly mentioned. Flavor Packets. Flavor Packets are the newest additions to my pack while traveling. Drinking water saves a lot of money, and when you get tired of plain old water, it helps to have a low cost alternative available wherever you go. In addition to cost, it’s never a bad idea to lay off the soft drinks and chug the agua. That’s where these flavor packets come in handy.
lipton water packetscrystal light travel packets water bottle

The typical flavor packet can be used for about 12-20 ounces of water, depending on how strong you want it. A few different companies make these flavor packets and the number of flavors has dramatically increased.

Crystal Light is kind of leading the way with marketing, and at last check they had 12 flavors available. Great Value also makes a cheaper alternative. Kool-Aid and Lipton are also just entering the market as well. Lipton seems to be pushing their green tea, which I have yet to try. Kool-aid obviously has kid friendly flavors such as tropical punch, cherry, grape, and orange. Actually, when you think about it, Kool-Aid has been doing this for years, now, they just put it in a smaller packet and call them singles. Airborne is a new provider as well, trying to corner the immune conscience consumer, and marketing it as a dietary supplement.

I added these to the packing list because they almost force me to drink more water, which saves money, and they are so small and can pack anywhere with no problem or worry about additional weight. The downside I suppose would be the cost, I just know that buying things in smaller quantities is never a good value. So, for the extreme shoe-string budget traveler, think about buying a larger supply, or see what’s available in your kitchen, and instead of individual packets, dump the powder in a 35mm film case. Those hard plastic, well sealed containers are small and sturdy and can probably hold the equivalent of 3-5 flavor individual flavor packets.

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October 3rd, 2007 by Jordan

Orikaso Travel containers

Folding cups, bowls, and complete dinner sets from a company that apparently loves to travel. Actually, the guys who developed the Orikaso product line are more utah outdoorsmen. But as a traveler, I appreciate this kind of product. If you can’t tell by the picture, they are designed to pack down flat, so you aren’t taking up precious backpack cc’s. They fold into cups, bowls or dinner plates so you can take them anywhere and have a meal just about anywhere. Plus, the company is just plain eco-sweet.


Yerba Mate

August 20th, 2007 by Jordan

yerba mate

It’s a pick me up drink used for socializing…that should be enough to justify it’s existence on this list. Although Mate is served in a few South American countries, Uruguay has made it culture….pure gourd hourding bombilla-suckin’ tastic. Even if you don’t like teas, you have to admit, this one is unique. If you’re interested in more has plenty.

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Jamon Iberico

July 14th, 2007 by Jordan

Jamon Iberico spanish food travel

Of all the pigs in the world, all the pork, all the different ways to prepare it….this is the best. Fed only acorns and raised in Spain, these Spanish Hams are the most unique, unfortunately, they are a bit expensive. Not expensive enough to not deserve an appearance on the encounter list. Just hit the tapas bar and it’s not so pricey!

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Presidente - Dominican Republic Beer

July 11th, 2007 by Jordan

Presidente cerveza dominican republic

The National Pride alone for this beer I feel qualifies it’s existence on the list. Presidente is A great tasting beer, that is little known except by the locals. It is also a great value for budget travelers. I enjoyed this beer so much I brought back some coasters just to dream about. Somebody please tell me if you’ve found it in the states.

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