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Cheap Backpacker Travel Tip - Ramen and Tuna

March 26th, 2008 by Jordan

tuna canramen tuna

So many backpackers I know who care about their budget are always coming up with good eats, maybe more importantly, good eats cheaply. While most of the time it will depend on where you are travelling, and the resources available, Ramen and Tuna is a cheap and filling meal. Me and a buddy were eating this just about every other day in the Dominican Republic. We got lucky by staying in a hostel that had a microwave. After that, it’s pretty simple nuke the ramen noodles first in a bowl, then lay out on a plate and throw on your canned tuna. Heat it up quickly in the microwave and then mix. You will be full before you finish, and best of all, it’s usually no more than a $1.00 - $1.25 per meal. It’s really all about using the resources around you, find out what your hostel has, and from there, go track down ingredients. If a hostel has no refrigerator, no microwave and even more importantly, no utensils…you’re eating out. I found a very well done ramen blog created by Matt Fischer, that has numerous ramen recipes for anyone interested.

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Cheap Backpacker Travel Tip - Rum and Coke

January 1st, 2008 by Jordan

rum and coke cheap backpacker travel tip

Rum and Coke my friend….Rum and Coke. Otherwise known as a cuba libre (more lime juice is usually involved though). Travel to any bar and order one it will cost you at least twice as much as what you can make one yourself.

Gathering the ingredients is easy. There is hardly a country on this planet that doesn’t have readily available Coca-Cola, and rum is generally not too far behind. The hardest part is usually finding a glass in the hostel. To save yourself money, buy a small bottle of rum from a grocery store or corner market when you first arrive. Packing rum on a plane is not a good idea and it will usually be confiscated. A small bottle won’t cost you all that much if you buy local product. From there, any time you want a good drink, just go find a cold coke. If your hostel has a refrigerator that makes it even cheaper, as usually you will end up paying a little more for a cold can or bottle than buying off a shelf of room temp. I usually put about a small shot in a glass and just fill the rest with coke. If you desperately desire lime, pick one up from a local vendor as it won’t be all that much. Some of my favorite nights are just hostel bumming with fellow travelers sharing cheap drinks.

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