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08.08.08 Izuno Travel Promo Poster

izuno travel

08.08.08 is going to be our “mass post day” where we unload all of our backed up posts we wanted to talk about but never found time to squeeze in. This poster is to promote that day in a way. And it looks really nice as wall art. It does not say on it, as I only want people who know about this site to understand it. (like a fun secret symbol thingy…shhhh). The Poster is on high quality gloss paper, dimensions are 12 x 18 inches.

Now, I gotta say, I’m still excited about how nice the poster turned out. You never know when you send your file to be printed exactly how it will look. Monitor colors are print colors are two completely different things. But the printer came through. *The free shipping is only for those in the continental US or Canada. Overseas shipping is more, but I’m not going to overcharge anybody who really wants one.



Izuno Travel Buttons 6 Pack

izuno travel buttons

It’s difficult to fit our graphic logo shown above on a 1″ button. But I think we pulled it off. They are shown to scale. This series works best on black and dark grey bags. You will get all 6 buttons you see for $5.00. So…pick out your favorite(s) and give the rest to your friends. They will ship USPS ground, in a cellophane bag via standard size envelope. All buttons are 1″ round with a pin back, so they can fit nicely on your travel pack or totes.


UK 3 Button Pack

uk england tube flag buttons

Three pack of UK pinback buttons. I’ve always wanted to create more country specific buttons. So, I started with the UK. You can purchase now at our online store. The 3 pack contains 1 tube map, the country flag, and of course a “mind the gap” button. All buttons are 1″ round, so they can fit nicely on your travel pack. $3.00 for backpackers.

Looking for flights online is now a commonplace amongst backpackers. All travelers have at least one flight we are constantly finding ourselves on (mine is STL—DFW). Take the flight…get the gear. Three 1″ buttons in your pick of color and airport code for just $3.00. Insert any airport code you wish.

Enter 2 Airport Codes. (Ex. LHR – RDU)

Praha Graphic Tee

praha graphic travel tee tshirt

This 100% cotton tee was inspired by the Dancing Building located in Prague. The shirt will shrink slightly and amazingly gets softer the more you wash it. Ships USPS. $20.


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