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Win a Round the World Trip For Two

April 24th, 2009 by Jordan


If you’ve always dreamed of jetting off around the world, but didn’t have the cash to burn, then check out this new competition. HostelBookers are offering you the chance to win plane tickets and hostel accommodation for you and a travel buddy to go backpacking around the world.

HostelBookers are a booking website for hostels and budget accommodation, and EyeforTravel Research has recently revealed that they are cheaper than their nearest competitor. To celebrate they have teamed up with RoundtheWorld Experts to give away round the world tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Even if you don’t nab the top prize, you’ll still be in with a chance of winning 49 other prizes perfect for the budding packer, including…

• A Sony HDR-TG3E HD Camcorder
• An iPhone Touch
• An ipod Nano
• A backpack of handy travel supplies
• Another 30 entrants will receive a travel hammock for napping on the road.

To enter all you have to do is go to HostelBooker’s website and answer how much cheaper HostelBookers is than their nearest competitor, and you’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw.

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Interesting Look into a Buenos Aires Hostel Site

March 15th, 2009 by Jordan

La Menesunda Youth Hostel in Buenos Aires Argentina has created a short flash animation for the website.  Not sure exactly what they are after, but it’s comical and unique if you’ve ever stayed in a hostel.  I love how the tree is not centered in the garden box.  It shows a very keen attention to detail as most of these trees are in fact never centered no matter where you are.

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Hostel Brickette, Positano

December 9th, 2007 by Jordan

hostel brikette positano italy

Located in Upper Positano, this hostel probably has one of the most amazing views you will find at any hostel. Sitting on the balcony sipping a morning cafe will only cost you 22 euros. Very friendly staff as well when I visited. There’s not much more than eye candy and relaxation around Positano, you also have the option of hoping on the bus or boat and going to Amalfi or Sorrento for a day trip.

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