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The Flip – A Perfect Solution for Travel Video

June 22nd, 2009 by Jordan


So I broke down and got a “Flip.”  This is a handheld video recorder that is about the size of an iphone…probably a little smaller, but thicker.  I’ve been testing it out with a few videos, and playing around with software.  Overall, I’m thrilled.  I can not wait to take this with me on my next trip, as it is so small, it’s not going to be a burden in relation to all the other crap I carry around.  The video for it is simple, great for web (which was my main intention), and looks sharp with good sound.  Initially, I was worried about the sound/mic for this device, as that seems to be the hardest part to get right, but The Flip nailed it.  It sounds very good when played back either through the device or on the computer.  My only complaint would be the software seems a little too simple and not exactly what I was hoping for.  Plus the USB plug which pops out of the top of the camera itself is a little weak.  I’m afraid it’s going to break off if I keep using it without support.  Time will tell.

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