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Airline Food Surprises No More

March 24th, 2009 by Jordan

airline_food has a ridiculously huge database of airline food information and pictures it’s a bit scary. Not only do they have a description and a picture of each meal, but they tell you which route it was served on, duration of the flight, comments by the author, cabin class, and aircraft type. Add that with a sortable list by airline, and I’d be willing to bet you have the largest, if not best site devoted to airline meals. I love it.

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Smoke on a Plane!

March 11th, 2009 by Jordan


Reason number 204 why I love the Internet…no conservative approach to advertising. I’m not a smoker, but a few of my friends are, and for the record, I’m against taxing the hell of out cigarettes. It’s to a point now beyond funny and just past sane. I dislike anti-smoking groups as much as anyone, which is probably why I’m posting this article. But now SuperSmoker people figured out a way to get the nicotine sensation without the smoke. Don’t know how it works, pretty sure they would taste like crap and are overpriced. But anything that says “stick this” to conservative anti-smoker coalitions I’m going to promote. You can check them out yourself at and read about how they are trying to get them approved for airlines now. Fascinating.

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Fly With Your Pet Friendly Air Carrier

October 23rd, 2008 by Jordan

I had to post this when I found it (and after I stopped laughing). is the first class pet and pet family airline. Apparently they have not yet had their inaugural flight, but looks to be good to go for early next year. As you can imagine, the prices aren’t cheap. But if you read the stats about Continental Airlines, you may look more favorable upon this airline with your pets.

Now here’s the thing…I know people love their pets and many consider pets as a member of the family. But are there enough wealthy pet owners out there to justify an airline? I mean commercial major air carriers are struggling right now…Southwest I heard even reported a loss for the first time in a long time. And they transport everyone everywhere. So now the argument turns to “Oh, well…Companion Air is just a specialty airline.” Of course they are, but what’s the difference between this airline and renting out a small twin engine from your local pasture pilot? (all in all…I just wouldn’t get along with the passengers on these planes…I feel we would clash)

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7 Just…Awful SkyMall Products

September 22nd, 2008 by Jordan

I do fly quite a bit for someone who’s not flying due to business, and I almost always take a look through the magazines in the seat pocket in front of me. If it’s a particularly long flight or tarmac delay (no electronic devices), I get around to the SkyMall catalog…and everytime I manage to be impressed by human nature’s ability to attempt entrepreneurship. So, here are 7 God awful products from SkyMall.

1. Nose Aid - $24.95

Clinically patented by an emergency room physician to stop nose bleeds is the Nose Aid. (otherwise known as fingers)

2. Traveling Pet Seat - $99.95

Your dog can travel safely and enjoy the view! (just don’t forget to buy a harness which is another $70.00)

bad sky mall pic

3. Beach Radio Headset - $39.95

Lighweight, foldable, portable, water-resistant FM radio player! (should be guaranteed to get you a free ipod from a sympathetic soul who feels sorry for you)

bad sky mall pic

4. Panda Rain Guage - $24.95

“The Cadillac of Rain Guages” - SkyMall (company A…”What the fuck am I going to do with all these extra pandas?” | company B…”we need something to spice up our rain guage…they’re just not selling because they look like every other rain guage ever produced”)

5. Wine & Hors D’oeuvr Tray - $59.95

Bamboo tray created by celebrity chef. (pretty sure I still don’t know how you set it down)

6. Luma Step’ N Shave - $49.95

“supports your foot as you shave…includes powerful suction cups” (I don’t shave my legs…but seriously…come on folks. The really funny thing about this is the reviewer gave it 1 star…apparently it kept slipping to the bottom of the shower….go figure)

7. Skyrest Travel Pillow - $29.95

Featured by the early show on CBS! (…no comment)

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AA Employees Are Listening

April 15th, 2008 by Jordan

American Airlines

It’s kind of sad, but I just have to smile. If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately you know American Airlines had to cancel a lot of flights due to not passing safety inspections. Fine. If you’ve been paying attention to the news in your entire life, you know air travel pretty much sucks. (I can really only speak of USA based Airlines, I’ve heard other countries have better systems).

Well, American Airline employees are starting to strike and they have a sloppy website put together to get back at AA management. One video shows an employee trying to explain what happened to a canceled flight to a mob of customers. The first minute she is trying to get them quiet enough to listen, the second minute she explains all the f-ups, and the third minute she explains how the customers will get screwed…all in a very nice manner. Basically, it must really suck to be an AA employee. Personally, I have seen some pissed off customers while in airports, and most of the time, the employee just has to stand there and let the customer vent, then tells them nicely…”you’re fucked…I can’t do anything…thanks for flying.”

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Hubwear Travel Tees

September 8th, 2007 by Jordan

Another tee shirt company! Hubwear Travel Tees are fairly simple, yet make a big splash to those who hang around airports as many readers do. The tees are just the three letter symbol for the airport. You get to choose between 24 airports, mostly in the US, to print on a shirt for $25. If your airport isn’t on list they will print it for $35.

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