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Samantha Brown…Nerd or Nice?

February 24th, 2009 by Jordan

I figured why stop with Anthony Bourdain…let’s just get on a Travel Channel roll. Sweet sweet Samantha Brown. There should be a song about you. Running around high class hotels looking so beautiful in your bikini. You can find her travel channel site, ‘Passport to Great Weekends’ here.

Samantha was probably a class clown or nerd in high school. Always hanging out in the AV room talking about episodes of star trek and how good fruit stripe gum is. And really my only thinking behind that statement is the fact that she is so nice now. She’s not a fake nice like Andrew Zimmerman can be at times, but she’s legitimately kind…which is rare. And no popular girl in high school is that kind. My fantasy would be running into her in Prague as I was coming out of my hostel hungover, and I make a superior witty statement that she can’t stop laughing at then have lunch in an outdoor tent while she convinces me to spend the night in her Travel Channel approved 5 star hotel. You can fill in the rest. Love you SB!!!

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Bourdain’s Blog

February 24th, 2009 by Jordan

Anthony Bourdain

I haven’t brought up Anthony Bourdain after all these posts.  And if you don’t know who he is, Anthony is a long time chef turned author… turned successful everything relating to food.  He host’s ‘No Reservations’ on the travel channel.  But here’s my take.  I love his ‘Kitchen Confidential’ book (went through it in about 4 straight hours).  I enjoy his show, and I somewhat like the personality.

He has a blog on the travel channel site you can check out here.  Anthony is no doubt skilled and talented.  I think he is a very good ambassador to other countries when he travels, which is big in my book, but I find him a little dishonest.  Let me explain.  I think as a host, you have to know how to use humor when situations are not good.  You have to give an honest opinion and then make the guy not feel like entire crap.  And humor is how you do this.  Instead Bourdain only knows that adjective sarcastic wit.  He’s good at it, but it seems that’s all he knows.  But that’s my only one gripe with the guy.  I’d welcome him anywhere and even ate at his restaurant in Miami “Les Halles.”  One of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had.

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