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January 31st, 2010 by Jordan

One Campaign  I find this picture quite intriguing.  I’m picturing the marketing dept. for the organization at a table in a high rise New York building saying “we want to be Abercrombie yet…multi-dimensional.”  That at least explains why the guy in white does not fit in to your traditional marketing techniques.  I like that guy in white.  I like how they made him stand out.  That guy is my kind of guy…2 to 1 he’s got a better story than the two to his right.

Anyways. is a non-profit (with Bono attached to it) that wants to end poverty.  Attached with Africa in many ways, they tackle poverty issues in various places and has the reach to do it.  In fact I just purchased 10 ‘One’ bracelets.  I feel that education helps solve problems later, so they’ve sold me by bringing up that point on their site.  It’s the whole ‘give a man a fish’ argument. seems to understand that.

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Handmade African Jewelry by Kazuri

October 28th, 2008 by Jordan sells handmade jewelry made by African women in Kenya. The Kazuri name, which is Swahili for “small and beautiful,” was started in 1975, so they’ve been around a while. I really enjoy finding operations like this, it makes me appreciate the Internet more and more, and I’m all for globalization.

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Millennium Promise

August 8th, 2008 by Jordan

Millenium Promise Logo

Millennium Promise is the organization that actually does the dirty work when it comes to helping the poor in Africa.  In fact another post about the OmniPeace tees gives their profit to this organization.  I like this line from their mission statement “Our work is premised on the belief that, for the first time in history, our generation has the opportunity to end extreme poverty, hunger, and disease.”  They have many other supporters in addition to their current campaigns to raise money.  Millennium promise is in 80 different villages in 10 African countries.

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Product (Red)

June 2nd, 2008 by Jordan

Product Red

Thought I should add this to the collection. Product Red if you’re unfamiliar is an effort to end AIDS in Africa by selling products that are….well…red. The companies give a certain amount 5-10% generally to the global fund. If you are a college student who needs to bulk up the resume and help this cause, check out their website soon as Product Red is looking for 5 student ambassadors to “turn your campus red.”

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May 19th, 2008 by Jordan

bernos africa teebernos africa tee shirt

I was lucky I stumbled across They have some suuuuuuper sweet t-shirts. Great designs, however a few are sold out. The artists, obviously inspired via Africa, tag their designs “uniquely Ethiopian.” Where else can you get that?! All this about Africa, and luckily they are located in LA. Where they print their shirts on American Apparel. In case you were wondering what I like best, the $19.99 price tag on the d’afrique shirt. Overall just great travel tees.

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Omnipeace Africa Tees

October 4th, 2007 by Jordan

omnipeace teeBesides having one of the greatest logos for peace organizations, OmniPeace makes some great T-Shirts to end poverty and raise awareness in violent Sub-Saharan Africa. The company donates half the proceeds from a $25-$30 shirt to the non profit Millenium Promise. You’ve probably seen these shirts on the t.v. lately, as hollywood stars are draping themselves in these. I won’t question their motives in this one case.

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